Say good morning to the Missing Parts Monster!

Posted by Yutaka Mueller-Mark on Februar 3rd, 2021

Grappling with the problem of missing parts has become a daily routine in most companies. The parts hunters are once again on the hunt, equipped machines are disarmed, the production plan is shot down - all to get the missing part produced as soon...

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“Make waste visible!” (Taiichi Ohno)

Posted by Yutaka Mueller-Mark on Dezember 17th, 2020

The full quote von Taiichi Ohno is: “waste is not always obvious. Don’t hide it, make waste visible!

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Go to Gemba and ask 5 times Why

Posted by Keji Fujii on November 10th, 2020

Today there is a lot of talk about AI and Industry 4.0. However, many world reknown companies are still creating their production plans manually in Excel. Should the main task of production planning, namely, to synchronize all production activities...

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